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Our 4-axis waterjet totally solves the angle problem caused by strength decrease when cutting thick material. Save your time of secondary operation.

4-Aixs Waterjet Cutting Head

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4-Aixs Waterjet Cutting Head

The water pressure switch can provide quick water shut-off and easy energy efficiency improvement. The high-pressure water goes through the high-pressure pipe into the cutting head connector, then enters the high-precision cutting head body through the ruby nozzle, while the abrasive enters through the abrasive pipe. The mixture of water and abrasive forms a water jet at very high speed of 800 m/s to cut the workpiece.

Features of APW 4-Axis Cutting Head

A-axis angle manual 0/4掳 tilting cutting system

APW waterjet 4-axis cutting head

4-axis cutting head

In the inlay industry, when the tilting angle of the cutting head is 4掳, the kerfs section will change a lot. By the compensation of angle during cutting, the cutting kerfs will be a reversed taper. When two pieces of cutting parts are matching together, the top surfaces won't have aperture but the bottom surfaces do. In this way, the twice manual polishing will be saved, which reduces the processing cost and enhances the working efficiency. With this improved 4-axis cutting head design, it is no longer a difficult technique in stone matching. It makes complex traditional stone matching become an easy work. The quality of stone pattern has had a great improvement and solved the technical problem of splicing technology at the same time.

A-axis angle manual 0-45掳 tilting cutting system

There are two distinct attributes often occur when we are using waterjet: stream lag and taper. Stream lag occurs when the entry point of the waterjet cuts faster than the exit part. This is because the jet is most powerful when entering the material and loses some of its power as it exits. In effect the exit stream is lagging behind the entrance point. Accuracy is decreased and part geometry errors are visible. Taper is a V-shaped natural occurrence that takes place when the power of the waterjet stream decreased as it cuts through the material.

A breakthrough waterjet cutting process

0-45掳 tilting cutting system utilizes a newly-developed advanced motion system, which can rotate around the Z-axis continuously with a 45掳 maximum inclination angle by hand, compensation for the stream lag and taper experienced with conventional waterjet cutting machines.

improve cut part tolerances and geometry at significantly higher speeds
Virtually eliminate taper; taper is < 1degree in straight-line geometry
Reduce part cost
Cut a variety of materials, such as metal, stone, glass, and composites
Easy to program; no specialized training or knowledge required.

Main Parameters
A-axis:manual 0/4掳 OR manual 0-45掳
C-axis:auto 360掳

CE Certificate
ISO9001 Certificate
No heat affect zone
20 National Patents
Professional Waterjet CNC System
Multiple 4-Axis waterjet cutting heads
Specially designed for stone pattern business
No secondary finishing required
Achieve zero taper without speed reducing

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