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custom waterjet

We provide high quality products and service. Custom waterjet & waterjet cutting at APW will help you rather than let you fit them.

Custom Waterjet

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Custom Waterjet | Custom Waterjet Cutting

APW is a leading waterjet manufacturer of waterjet cutting machine. APW is an important and the largest manufacturing base of ultra-high pressure waterjet industry in China. We provide high quality products and service. Custom waterjet and waterjet cutting at APW will help you rather than let you fit them.

Waterjet Pump:

Waterjet Cutting Head(software):

Waterjet Cutting Machine:

Whether Need Waterjet Hydraulic Lifter:
Cantilever Style Cutting Machine with Hydraulic Lifter

The machine can achieve the glass semi-automatic working, which reduces the broken rate during delivery and improves the working effect. It is widely used when processing the bulk glass or the easily broken stone.

Whether Need High Frame:
high frame bridge style cutting machine

It is widely used for the special material, like the high 3D material or the thickness material. The height can be increased to 300mm.

Whether Need Full Enclosed Structure:
fully enclosed 5-Axis waterjet cutting machine

The full enclosed structure effectively and largely reduces the noise. It also effectively avoids the water splashed out during processing, which supports a more comfortable working environment.

Whether Need All Stainless-Steel Structure:
all stainless-steel stries dual-core waterjet

Covered with stainless-steel on the whole body makes the waterjet more firm. It is more anticorrosion and effectively extends the life of waterjet.

Whether Need Z-axis Waterjet Cutting Head:
z-axis waterjet cutting head

Install one more cutting head on the beam. In this way, our productivity could increase substantially.

Whether Need to update the Chiller to Oil Chiller:
Oil Chiller

It is used for cooling hydraulic fluid, better effect, improving working condition, extending working hours and operating life.

Whether Need Water Deionization System:
Water Deionization System

It can remove the impurity from water. It is very necessary if the water quality is not good enough. Using it can reduce the rate of equipment corrosion and extend the life of waterjet.

Whether Need Sludge Removal System:
Sludge Removal System

Specifically designed to continuously remove spent garnet from the waterjet catcher tank. It is convenient to recycle abrasive and indirect saving cost greatly.

Whether Need Dynamic Height Adjustment System:
Dynamic Height Adjustment System

It is widely used during processing the uneven surface material to ensure the high cutting quality and protect cutting head from touching material.

Whether Need Anticollision Sensor:
anticollision sensor

Anticollision sensor can prevent unexpected collision. Using this one, we can give cutting head a better protection and reduce unexpected cost.

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